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Frequently asked questions


Q: I have looked at your product range but can't see what I am looking for.  

A: No problem we can either tailor one of our existing products or work with you to design a trolley that meets your requirements.

Q: I have seen the type of trolley I want but can I have it longer, shorter, wider, narrower, with larger, smaller wheels.  

A: We manufacture all our products and can easily change or modify details at little or no extra cost and in a short time.

Q: How soon can I expect delivery ?  

A: Stock items are dispatched using a national carrier service which normally takes 3 - 4 days. Next day delivery can be arranged at extra cost. Non stock items are usually 2 - 4 weeks from order.

Q: How do I place an order?  

A: Contact our sales staff in one of the following ways:

Telephone ; 01202 632210

Fax: 01202 632570

E mail: sales@appliedtruck.co.uk

Sack Trucks  

Q: How do I know which Sack Truck model is suitable for my needs ?  

A: The criteria to consider are : weight to be carried, size of the load, type of load, type of terrain, storage space.

Q: Which size foot do I need ?  

A: The foot length should be kept as short as possible. For a firm load (such as a box) it does not need to be as deep, for a softer load (a sack) the foot must fully support the load.


Q: I am concerned about damaging goods !  

A: Rubber or foam protection can be fitted to the truck.

Q: What sort of wheel do I need for rough terrain ?  

A: Any of our models with pneumatic tyred wheels would be suitable.

Special Purpose Trucks  

Q: Does the  "Stairclimber" truck climb stairs on its own ?  

A: No ! The purpose of this truck is to give better control of loads when ascending or descending stairs.

Q: What load can I move?  

A:When used on the level it can carry a maximum load of 200kg

When used on stairs by one person the maximum load is 50kg

Platform Trucks  

Q: What is meant by easy steer truck?  

A: Easy steer trucks have two centrally  mounted fixed castors and one swivel castor at each end which makes it highly manoeuvrable but reduces the load capacity.

Q: What is meant by firm load truck?  

A: Firm load trucks have two fixed castors one end and two swivel castors the other giving it a high load capacity and stability.

Q: Are the four sides all removable ?

 A: Yes on both the plywood and mesh models.

Q: Can I have braked castors ?  

A: Yes the two swivel castors can be supplied with brakes.

Turntable Trucks  

Q: What type of tyre is best solid or pneumatic ?  

A: Tyre choice depends on the environment in which the truck is to be used. Solid tyres move easily on firm even surfaces and will not puncture. Pneumatic tyres are best on soft or uneven ground and absorb shock loads better.

Q: Can all the sides be removed ?  

A: Yes all sides are removable and the corner posts can be unbolted if necessary making the truck into a flatbed.


Mobile Safety Steps  

Q: How do I know which size steps suit my needs?  

A: The top platform height should be no more than 1500mm lower than the maximum required working height. Always check the overall dimensions and clearances before ordering.

Q: My aisles are narrower than your step width !  

A: Overall width of steps can be reduced but for taller steps only when there is racking on both sides.

Quality versus Price  

Q: I have seen a similar product much cheaper!  

A:We strive to keep our prices competitive but there are cheaper imported products. Our aim is to provide a quality product which will represent value for money over a number of years.

Q: Are spare parts readily available ?  

A:The quality of our products means they rarely need any replacement parts, but because we source our bought in parts from reliable sources we can still offer parts for our trolleys many years after manufacture.

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